The Decoy Raft™ Waterfowl Platform gives waterfowlers a competitive edge, an authentic looking spread and a more enjoyable hunting experience. Easily deploy and retrieve dozens of decoys in minutes, using as little as one anchor.


x2 decoy raft

  • 40 connection points

  • 18 stainless steel clips

  • 6 ft x 5 ft


original decoy raft

  • 80 connection points

  • 32 stainless steel clips

  • 12 ft x 5 ft


80 connection points, 32 stainless steel clips and over 15,000 stitches.

Image via Codfather Charters, @codfather_guideservice on Instagram

Image via Codfather Charters, @codfather_guideservice on Instagram


The Decoy Raft allows waterfowlers to move faster and create a more realistic decoy spread. 

Complete Decoy Raft Instructional Video


Countless configurations and effective in any water depth, regardless of current.  

Decoy Raft Boat Deployment

Decoy Raft Rigging Tips


The Decoy Raft™ is being used across North America.

Add the Decoy Raft™ to your arsenal.