Decoy spreads can take a loathingly, long time to pick up – especially with diver spreads. If you could pick up 3 dozen of them in a less than a minute you would. With the SFO Decoy Raft you can.
— Chad Fix, "Sota Boy Adventures" Minneapolis, MN
The Rafts work wonders. Second year running them and firm believer. Any type of open water setup and they’re in my spread. Awesome product guys!
— Hobbs Cole, Eastern North Carolina
Worked flawless. Easy to deploy, easy to pick up! Made the spread look awesome! A MUST have and great product guys!
— Brian Hardy "Hardy Face Paint" Florida
The Decoy Raft is the absolute best way to set your decoys out in Tampa Bay. So easy and you can attach so many more rafts to your main. I have four of the large ones that can hold more than 200 decoys. And y’all know that hunting divers is a lot of decoys!! Get you a Decoy Raft and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Oh and the storage of the raft with decoys still attached is simple and easy and less storage area on your boat.
— Tiger Hoffman of "Tiger Hoffman Outdoors" Tampa, FL
I’ve seen first hand how these rafts work and how fast and easy they’re to deploy on almost any aspect of water. It literally cuts your setting up time into half. I personally use these rafts over swamps, larger ditches and several ponds and highly recommend them.
— Bo Barrett, Indiana
So when those birds are lifting up and seeing whats in the spread, the Decoy Raft shows dimension versus straight lines, and I think that helps dramatically. Because when those birds do lift up, they’re looking for something wrong. But when they’re settled in on the Raft, it looks just so comfortable. You can see just about every bird this morning that just went right to it every time.
— Randy Drago "Codfather Charters" Boston, Massachusetts
...another thing thats really important to us is the ability to be really mobile. So its the ability to pick up the decoys, the Decoy Raft, the boats, everything in under 15 minutes. Put them back in the boat, we’re off...we go find the birds, get in the mix we want to get, and put them back out. The whole spread is back out and that is probably done, if we are really moving it, in 5 minutes...but you’re talking about 10 minutes tops!
— Jay Boone "B&B Waterfowl" Morehead City, NC
My Decoy Rafts did awesome this morning and even killed 3 banded geese that sucked right into them!
— Chad Myers, Upstate South Carolina
Today I used the raft for the first time. There were 5 other boats in the huge bay we were in. None of them got anything and we got our 12 ducks and everyone literally did land or tried to land right in the raft, a couple times we had to wait till they swam out and scream and we blasted them.
— Matt Hazelton, New York
Had a great day with the Decoy Rafts. Even with the wind coming straight into our face it didn’t stop the birds from decoying in. The Rafts have really made diver hunting so much easier.
— Matt Breidenstein, Maryland
We have 14 of these at the Riverside Lodge. Our guides love them. They work and they are easy!
— Gary McQuitty "Riverside Lodge" Hoopers Island, MD
Every fall we load up our boat full of decoys and gear and head to Canada along the northern shores of Lake Ontario. On this hunt we met up with Adrian Taylor from Wingmen Guide Service and deployed 4 of your rafts and every flock that came in came in committed on top of the four rafts! This 10 man limit in just over two hours couldn’t have happened without the rafts!
— Jordan from NY
Just wanted to let you know the decoy rafts worked great yesterday. I always take the dog out and get her fired up on Buffleheads the first day. I left the ramp, set up the decoys by myself, shot six ducks, scouted a while, and back to the ramp in two hours.
— Jeff from VA
I used my raft for the first time on Sunday. Didn’t get a lot of pictures due to weather, but I was amazed at how easy it is to put out, change positions and then bring in. Not only that, every bird we shot was right over the raft. They want on top of that thing every time. Can’t wait until we get more divers in this area.... it’s going to be killer!
— Jason Plate, New York

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