NC First Split Video...

Heck of a First Split here in NC...  

Four sleep-deprived, caffeine filled days running around the swamp chasing local government wood ducks...and an awesome Friday night in Blacksburg, Virginia for the Wolfpack/Hokies game.

A special 'Thank you' to Cory and Katie Byrd for the invitation, beds to sleep in, tickets, tour, and post-game Billiards lesson.  Also thanks to Tony Byrd and his Hokie Tailgate Crew for the awesome tailgate and hospitality.   Blacksburg is a sweet town with great folks, even in spite of a Wolfpack loss (which is sadly to be expected anyway!).  

The leaves are changing and the temps are dropping....and thankfully the rain FINALLY stopped so we can get back to fishing until the Second Split arrives in November and the madness starts again.  

Until then, here's a video from the First Split....from the swamp to the tailgate.