College Football


You can feel it in the air.

The humidity is dropping. September is finally here, and you can see Orion in the clear night sky.  

We had a foggy, cooler-temp Dove opener with a surprise Canadian flyover that was welcomed with some 12 gauge BB's.  The afternoon was topped off by tailgating and College Football.  Definitely a solid contender for one of the top calendar days of 2015.

The following week had us chasing Puppy Drum and waiting for cooler winds to reach eastern North Carolina.  We spent Sunday morning worshipping the Creator with a school of Spottails in the backwaters of Onslow Bay. 

It's a golden time on the NC coast- the water is warmer than the air and the crowds are gone.  The yellow butterflies are thick east of 95, whispering that the glorious season is here at last...