Spring NC Cobia Highlights

We had an awesome Spring here in NC...the SW winds finally started and pushed the summer heat right on us.  I hope everyone is having a great time fishing, surfing, getting salty, and enjoying the vibe...

The geese will be honking and the migration frenzy will be here before you know it.  Until then, relax and enjoy!  Peace.


NC First Split Video...

Heck of a First Split here in NC...  

Four sleep-deprived, caffeine filled days running around the swamp chasing local government wood ducks...and an awesome Friday night in Blacksburg, Virginia for the Wolfpack/Hokies game.

A special 'Thank you' to Cory and Katie Byrd for the invitation, beds to sleep in, tickets, tour, and post-game Billiards lesson.  Also thanks to Tony Byrd and his Hokie Tailgate Crew for the awesome tailgate and hospitality.   Blacksburg is a sweet town with great folks, even in spite of a Wolfpack loss (which is sadly to be expected anyway!).  

The leaves are changing and the temps are dropping....and thankfully the rain FINALLY stopped so we can get back to fishing until the Second Split arrives in November and the madness starts again.  

Until then, here's a video from the First Split....from the swamp to the tailgate.



You can feel it in the air.

The humidity is dropping. September is finally here, and you can see Orion in the clear night sky.  

We had a foggy, cooler-temp Dove opener with a surprise Canadian flyover that was welcomed with some 12 gauge BB's.  The afternoon was topped off by tailgating and College Football.  Definitely a solid contender for one of the top calendar days of 2015.

The following week had us chasing Puppy Drum and waiting for cooler winds to reach eastern North Carolina.  We spent Sunday morning worshipping the Creator with a school of Spottails in the backwaters of Onslow Bay. 

It's a golden time on the NC coast- the water is warmer than the air and the crowds are gone.  The yellow butterflies are thick east of 95, whispering that the glorious season is here at last...

A July Day on the Cape Fear Coast

A recap of a hot July day on the Cape Fear Coast, chasing nearshore Dolphin and Kings.  A little back story...

I picked up a copy of Song of Cape Fear by Bill McDonald this summer, and found it to be one of the best books I've read about the history of recreational fishing on the NC Coast.  

Bill McDonald authored countless fishing articles in various newspapers around the Brunswick/New Hanover County area, until his passing in 1989.  He had always dreamed of writing a book, but never had it published.  His son, Sam, took on the task of compiling Bill's stories into a book.  Song of Cape Fear was finally published by Snow's Cut Media in 2009.  I picked up my copy at Tex's Tackle in Wilmington, but I'm sure there are some other places in the area that have it too.

Reading the book, it feels as if you are listening to your Grandfather speak to you about fishing's glory days and the beautiful, simple life on the NC Coast before development and overpopulation.  While it may not do Bill's writing justice, this video was inspired by Song of Cape Fear.