Migration 2017

Crack open a cold one, sit back, and get ready. This is gonna be good:

SFO 2017 Upgrades

We used the offseason to make the Decoy Raft™ Waterfowl Platform even better.


Rugged Stitching
Featuring over 15,000 stitches and 80 connection points, each Decoy Raft is backstitched and reinforced to provide seamless spread deployment and give Hunters an advantage unmatched by conventional setups. Each Decoy Raft is sewn and packaged by hand for the professional quality that any serious hunter demands.

Rubber Center Grip
The addition of a deluxe rubber center grip will allow for easy deployment and retrieval, giving the hunter a focal point for rapid movement. Once retrieved, throw a carabiner clip through the handles and you’re ready to move your spread and create the “X.”

Powder Coated Grommets and Clips
Using the same corrosion resistant stainless steel and nickel-plated brass as the previous model, these Decoy Rafts also feature powder-coated black surfacing; providing an extra element of concealment and attention to detail that the most calculating Hunter requires.

Industrial Strength Supports
By upgrading to beefy solid black Schedule 80 supports, we’ve built this year's Decoy Raft to withstand the most hearty abuse that the migration can throw at it. This durable addition is ideal for Waterfowlers utilizing the heaviest of foam filled decoys on their Rafts and will provide the sturdy support needed for supreme mobility in the field. 

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