Decoy Raft™

waterfowl platform


The Decoy Raft™ Waterfowl Platform gives hunters a competitive edge and a more enjoyable hunting experience. By attaching your decoys to the Decoy Raft, you'll be able to create a realistic spread in just minutes; using as little as one anchor.


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Ruggedly built.

Meticulously designed.


• 80 Connection Points  • 32 Stainless Steel Clips  • Over 15,000 stitches


Save valuable time.

- Deploy and retrieve countless numbers of decoys in minutes using as little as ONE ANCHOR.

- Easy rigging using industry standard Decoy Raft clips.

- More tangle-free platform than conventional rigging methods.


Unrivaled Versatility.

- Effective in ANY water depth, regardless of current.

- Self-correcting and self-adjusting to directional current and wind.

- Effectively mimics the look of real rafting waterfowl in a way that cannot be achieved with conventional decoy rigging.

-The Decoy Raft™ can be configured in countless variations.

- Decoys can easily be removed for storage, maintenance, and different patterns.


Beyond the Raft.

- Can be utilized as a Jerk Rig, allowing the Hunter to give motion to multiple dozens of Decoys at once.

- Attach multiple Gang Rigs and eliminate anchors.

- Easily attach Floating MOJOs/Spinning Ducks to the Decoy Raft.

- An effective tangle-free Platform unlike any other (No single Decoy anchors or Decoy line needed!).


Revolutionized workflow.

- Countless numbers of variations and configurations for Open Water, Timber, Potholes, and Sea-Duck hunting.

- Save time and energy, while achieving more success in the field.



(1 Decoy Raft)


Each Decoy Raft is 145 inches long x 62 inches wide (just over 12 ft x 5 ft)  and allows the Hunter to attach up to three dozen industry standard decoys, depending on the desired configuration.  The layout of the Decoy Raft allows for multiple Raft attachment for supreme versatility in the field and reduction of anchors.


There will be a limited number of Decoy Rafts TM manufactured for next season, so don't risk waiting until the season starts! 

Order yours today!

GROUP BUY DISCOUNT - $700(3 Decoy Rafts)

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Southern Flyway Outfitters (SFO) LLC makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied with respect to the Decoy Raft. SFO LLC accepts no liability of any kind with respect to the Decoy Raft, or any damages resulting from its use thereof, or any damages resulting from its use thereof or arising in connection therewith. Purchasers assume all risk of all kinds with respect to the Decoy Raft.  Under no circumstances and in no event shall SFO LLC be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of the Decoy Raft.




RECOMMENDED ANCHOR SIZE:  #7 Slip Ring, 5 pound or heavier

The Story of Southern Flyway Outfitters and the DECOY RAFT:


The Decoy Raft™ was born not only as the ultimate in flyway trickery, but also as a solution to the problems that accompany the harsh conditions that the seasoned waterfowler battles during the migration.  The Decoy Raft establishes itself as an irreplaceable necessity in the Waterfowler's deadly arsenal.

The Decoy Raft™ offers the level of working class ruggedness and artistic deception that defines the traditional waterfowler and echoes back to a heritage rooted in pre-dawn mornings, hand carved juniper decoys, northwest winds, and burning powder over a tidal marsh...